Ladies Of Excellence is a non profit organization that was designed to empower women throughout the metroplex and in other states. We’ve been in existence since 1995. 

It all started over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. We started with a heart felt idea and it has grown and now is a beautiful sisterhood that is strong and thriving.

Our mission is to help one another move into excellence promote self-care, share domestic violence awareness, buddy up for cancer awareness and serve the community by filling in the gaps.

We offer a CUP to each that represents compassion, understanding and patience.

Our mission to impact the lives of those suffering from homelessness, significant life changes, high risk youth and provide resources with the community.

We focus on many different areas like our  Young Ladies. Our legacy and our future. We want to be present in their lives and in the community. We offer leadership workshops, ways to combat depression, grief, suicide and confidence in their everyday life. We are going to implement community outreach for the young ladies as well as back to basics bootcamps.

We look forward to your support in this venture for I AM ENOUGH. As always our Partners And Supporters make all of the difference. We welcome your assistance, support and involvement in Ladies of Excellence many community programs