Our  Board

Patricia Roland Founder & Board Chair

My name is Patricia Roland and I’m the founder and CEO of Ladies of Excellence Chat and Chew.  This is non-profit organization that is designed to help empower women and young girls self-care, loving and forgiving yourself and most importantly, you are enough.

The focus is on helping the most vulnerable to find their way back.  I’ve always been blessed to have had positive role models to guide me and found it to have had made a major impact in my life.  Being raised by my loving grandmother and surrounded by caring church members as a youth, helped me to understand the importance of a village. Those individuals helped mold and shape my future. 

I have always mentored and worked in the homeless community and found it very rewarding to know I’ve made a difference. I poured into my children self-awareness,  self-worth and loving yourself.

I’ve understood the heartache and pain of my children not fitting in and being bullied while in school.  As a mom it’s limited to what we can do but hearing the words, “ I AM ENOUGH!” and giving them daily affirmations reassured them, they can. It’s my goal to empower anyone needing encouragement and to let them hear, I am enough.

Sheila Bean, Education Advisor

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee and my family relocated to Pine Bluff, Arkansas at the age of eight.  I consider Pine Bluff my home.  I am a PK (preacher’s kid).  I grew up in church and have always worked in the church.  I have worked with youth ministry, the education department, and in the ladies’ ministry.  I married my best friend 32 years ago and we have one daughter.

I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. I also obtained a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. 

I also have certifications in general education, English as a second language, and Gifted and Talented Education.

My work experience includes Human Resources and Education.  I have taught pre-school, 5th  – 8th grade, and college-level courses.  I currently work for the Grand Prairie Independent School District as an Advanced Academics Specialists.

My hobbies include reading, crocheting, and spending time with family. 

Angelina Adams, Medical Advisor - Nurse

My name is Angellena Adams. I am a wife to an amazing man, and a mother to 2 amazing children. My son, Carson is 14, and my daughter, Emily, is 10. My husband and I will have been married 17 years in April. I work as a  Registered Nurse, I’ve worked in the Newborn Nursery for about 13 years.
I have always poured into my children, but when my daughter was 4, she started begging to have her hair straightened, and one day she was physically trying to scrub the brown off of her skin because her “friends wouldn’t play with her because she was too dark!” It broke my heart to know she already, at a young tender age, felt like she wasn’t enough! I made it my mission to make sure she would always be comfortable with the skin God blessed her to be in. I knew then, that how I chose to pour into her, empower her, and build her confidence would be vital in her self love, and knowing that she, in fact is enough!

Crystal McCartney, Nutritional Advisor

My name is Crystal McCartney. I’m a proud mother of a beautiful daughter, Christina who is the love of my life. I work for a local airline as a Flight Attendant where I love traveling and meeting new people. I’ve also recently fell into my life long passion and returned to culinary school. I graduated and now enjoy creating new dishes for family and friends. I’m active in the community working to bridge the gap of those suffering from homelessness and domestic violence. Helping people within the community is always been a rewarding goal.


I am excited to take on the role as a nutritionist advisory for I Am Enough. This will give me an opportunity to share healthy eating, recipes and budgeting skills to the community. I’m looking forward in sharing my experience with cooking on a “shoestring budget.” I will be share with beginners as well as experience individuals on making your budget work for you. I feel confident that I’m the right person for this position. I’ve ready to share new experiences and ideas.

Dorice Alves Advisor of Committee Resources

Dorice Alves, or Ms. Dorice as she is known to her many clients, coworkers, and church members, is a social services professional who began her career more than thirty years ago working for the City of New York Human Resources Department. Ms. Dorice spent her career serving the community residents in need in New York City, Atlanta, GA at the Fulton County Mental Health agency and continues to serve Tarrant County’s ready-to-work population. Helping others obtain personal and professional growth is a passion near and dear to her heart.

Although a proud NY native, Ms. Dorice began her Texas civic journey with Dispute Resolution Services, a fledgling agency providing court referred mediation services. Wanting to make a greater impact, she explored how she could help others at the Working Connection, now Workforce Solutions of Tarrant County.  She started in the Summer Youth Employment department and has served in all the other areas including several reentry programs working with residents returning home from jail and prison.

Ms Dorice views serving as an advisor for I Am Enough as an opportunity to help prepare today’s youth for the adventures ahead of them. To help them understand that although their challenges may be many, the gifts and talents within them make them more than enough to succeed. Ms. Dorice believes that with her many years of experience supporting others to reach their fullest potential coupled with the creativity and energetic spirits of the I Am Enough youths, she will hopefully help create future leaders who are objective, compassionate, determined, and self-confident.

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