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Patricia Roland

Founder & CEO Ladies Of Excellence

My name is Patricia Roland and I’m the founder and CEO of Ladies of Excellence Chat and Chew.  This is non-profit organization that is designed to help empower women and young girls self-care, loving and forgiving yourself and most importantly, you are enough.

The focus is on helping the most vulnerable to find their way back.  I’ve always been blessed to have had positive role models to guide me and found it to have had made a major impact in my life.  Being raised by my loving grandmother and surrounded by caring church members as a youth, helped me to understand the importance of a village. Those individuals helped mold and shape my future. 

I have always mentored and worked in the homeless community and found it very rewarding to know I’ve made a difference. I poured into my children self-awareness,  self-worth and loving yourself.

 I’ve understood the heartache and pain of my children not fitting in and being bullied while in school.  As a mom it’s limited to what we can do but hearing the words, “ I AM ENOUGH!” and giving them daily affirmations reassured them, they can. It’s my goal to empower anyone needing encouragement and to let them hear, I am enough.

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